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Below is a list of some important features to keep in mind when comparing home security cameras. Each camera has their own features that are tailored to the user-specific needs.

Motion Detection

Motion detection security cameras will send you notifications on your smartphone, laptop or tablet when the camera detects motion within its field of view. These notifications will alert you to suspicious activity, but you should adjust motion sensitivity so that your phone won’t blow up with notifications. You can also set up recording schedules at odd times of the day when no one should even be on your property or when you’re not home. Overall, the motion detection features will give you the convenience of monitoring your property from virtually anywhere.


Field of View

Field of view is a term used to know how wide of an angle your wireless security camera will see. Some will have a wide angle of view and some will have a standard view. This is important for you because it will determine how many cameras you’ll need and how you would strategically place them.  


2-Way Audio

2-way audio features turn your security cameras into an intercom. You can literally have a conversation with any visitor from anywhere in the world that you have data services in. Most break-ins happen when people are not home, so this feature is a very powerful tool to have since it will give the appearance that someone is home when someone approaches your property. 


Smart Siren

Having the ability to remotely sound of a siren is another powerful feature built-in to your security cameras. Some of our wireless security cameras will have an internal siren that will produce up to 110 decibels. This is perfect to scare off unwanted visitors wandering on your property before anything could escalate.


Wi-Fi Enabled

Wireless Security Cameras will need a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your smart devices wirelessly. This is very handy because your security cameras will be less susceptible to being disabled because it doesn’t have wires that could be cut. Another benefit of our wireless security cameras being wifi enabled, this feature will allow you to view your security cameras remotely from virtually anywhere in the world, as long as you’re connected to mobile data.


Night Vision

The distance from which your camera can record images in low- to no-light situations can have a great impact on its effectiveness because often criminal activity can happen at night. Some of our wireless security cameras in our store can see as far as 300ft. Starlight night Vision technology has evolved immensely over the year. All of our featured security cameras are equipped with the latest and greatest night vision cameras.


Video Resolution

Resolution is how clear the video from your camera will be. Some cameras will have 720p up to full HD 1080p. It really depends on your budget. A clearly visible video is key trying to identify faces or items in the images your camera records. If you’re really trying to catch someone in the act of recurring theft on your property, don’t be cheap, get a wireless security camera that will have full HD 1080p quality. This will help you and the police identify the person responsible for the theft.




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