Smart Home Security System

Our smart home security system comes with full equipment warranty and free professional installation. We can also provide proof on installation, so that you can provide to your homeowner insurance provider. This will discount your homeowner or business insurance up to 20%. You will be fully connected to police, fire and medical services 24/7 with a response time of just 10 seconds from the central station during an event of an alarm.

HD Security Cameras 

We also provide HD Smart Home Security Cameras, which you will have the ability to view on your mobile devices from anywhere. We provide only quality cameras that you can’t buy at Costco or Walmart. We want our customers to have security cameras that are built to last and survive all weather conditions for years to come.

Smart Home Automation Devices 

Enjoy our special wholesale pricing on devices that you can control on your phone such as, door locks, thermostats, garage door openers, lighting, small appliance modules, Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.

Free Professonal Installation 

Don’t worry about having to climb on a ladder with a drill and wires to install security cameras or programming each individual sensor, leave it to us!  We do not charge for your installation. In fact, not only that we will install your system for free, we also warranty our equipment for the life that you are our customer! We truly go above and beyond customer services because to us, it’s all about referrals! Your satisfaction will make us grow!

No Monitoring Contracts

Yes that’s right! We are the only local security dealer that doesn’t require you to sign a monitoring contract! We are partners with top leasing companies that allow you to own quality home security equipment without paying anything down. This option is only for homeowners who qualify.  Contact us direct to learn more about this program.


Lower your rate!

Lower your rate!

If you’re paying over $40 for your services without any security cameras or automation, we can reduce your rate and provide HD Night Vision cameras. 
Upgraded Equipment

Upgraded Equipment

New smart home technology is moving towards cellular monitoring. The benefits are never worrying about your landline alarm system being cut and disarmed. You will also get a much faster connection to 911 emergency services. 10 seconds is the average response time with our new systems.
Under Contract? We Pay For It!

Under Contract? We Pay For It!

Unfortunately, your old provider may have you locked down in a long contract. We do not require a long contract and we will pay up to $650 of your existing contract. No double billing 100% smooth transition. We take care of it for you.
Local Services & Installation

Local Services & Installation

We are certified and licensed in the state of AZ. Our technicians are background checked. Our installation is free and we do not charge for any services with your equipment. Your system is under warranty with us. Our license number is AZ #20927

100% Satisfaction Or Money Back copy

We are confidant that you will love your new equipment and services that we Give you one year to try it risk free. If you’re not 100% satisfied, then we will put your old equipment back in. No penalties or fees!

Lowest Rates Guarantee Or Money Back!

We are so confident that our rates are the lowest in the industry, that if somehow you find something in equal value that’s cheaper than what we gave you, we will refund you back the money you would of saved! Our rates are simple and straight forward. $27 a month for an alarm system and monitoring $8 per camera and $5 for automated devices that you add.

What Our Security System Offers

Our Smart Keypad has a built-in 2 way audio microphone, so that the monitoring station can speak to you to confirm an active alarm. You will create a verbal safe word that only you and your trusted ones will know. If your verbal safe word is not verified, 911 services will be dispatched. This is a perfect way to prevent false alarms and get you faster response time in the event of a confirmed emergency.

Your security system will have a secured mobile app that you can access from your cell phone, tablet or computer. This will give you the ability to fully monitor your home from anywhere. It will let you know if you left your windows or doors open, automatically arm and disarm it self when you arrive or leave your home with Geo-Fencing technology

Your system has a built-in 4G LTE Cellular Card. This allows you to stay connected to emergency services and guarantees fast response. Your system will run without power for 24 hrs and will not need a landline to be connected.

After equipment is paid off, your rate will be decreased to $19 for the connection to 911 services and professional monitoring preformed by Rapid Response whose been trusted for many years by the majority of U.S banks and large commercial companies.

We also offer referral gifts such as cash back, free added equipment or a few months free to your services. Choice will be yours. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or money back with no cancellation fees!



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