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In this section, we will discuss the 3 types of security cameras that are mostly used for home and businesses. Our goal is to help you choose the right security camera for your property in this article.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are indeed, very popular. The increasing demand is rapidly growing, mainly for the major convince that they provide for the homeowner.  Reasons being, the simple fact that traditional hardwire security cameras can be very difficult to install. Not having any power cables or having to deal with punching wires through the walls makes these security cameras a no brainer to own. Wireless security cameras are the least expensive camera we offer in our security packages.

Battery Life

However, the one draw back of going completely wireless is battery life. They will be running off lithium ion batteries that will require you to either replace or recharge the batteries every 3 to 6 months of regular use. Sometimes even less  that if motion detection and recording is used in high traffic areas.

Wireless Security Cameras Key Features 

Overall, wireless security cameras are a good fit for people who don’t want any wires exposed or on that are on a tight budget. We carry full 1080p wireless security cameras that are equipped with muitpule features that are extreamly beneficial such as, motion detection alerts, cloud recording, 2-way audio, built-in microphone, live mobile viewing, saved video playback, Geo Fencing and smart recording schedules. Wi-Fi Internet connection is required for these wireless security to function. 

Solar Power Chargers 

We do carry wireless security cameras that have their own small solar panels that will keep the batteries fully charged. This eliminates the battery issues that wireless security cameras have. 

IP Hardwired Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras are the #1 most  commonly used security camera.  Mainly, the reason for being so commonly used, is that they are strategically placed permanently and the homeowner does not have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries every so often. 

Motion Detection

IP security cameras do record on motion. This is a great feature to have for residential properties because it will notify you when there is motion outside your home. This gives the homeowner an advantage to truly know who is outside of their home from virtually anywhere. 

 Mobile Viewing & Recording Features

live mobile viewing features is a major benifit for these security cameras. Homeowners can monitor their home while they’re away at work or on vacation. Antother perk, is that these security cameras will automatically save video clips on a secure cloud server. This is another huge benifit because the video is protected and can’t be erased without the authorized permission. 

They do cost more,  but the money you spend is well worth it for their reliability and longivity.

Better video quality. 

IP security cameras will have better video quilaty most if the time. They can range from standard 720p resolution, upwards to full 4K ultra. The most common resolution security cameras are full HD 1080p which are the ones we mainly install for homeowners. We do carry 4k ultra, but the cost per camera is more. Ut really depends on how you what your security cameras to preform.

Wifi Enabled 

However, just like wireless cameras, internet is still required for IP cameras to work.


Installation can be very time consuming and labor extensive. The amount of wire needed will vary on how far you want the camera placed. Whats great, is that you don’t have to worry about getting on your ladder with a drill, fishing the wire or program the security cameras yourself.  Our certified technicians are here to install these cameras free of charge when you purchase a security system package from us.

Overall the comfort and convince of being notified on your smart phone that motion has been detected outside of your home and being able to view the cameras live, makes this device a must have for your security system.


Business Security Cameras

We know that keeping an eye on your business is on top of your list. We provide on the highest video quality cameras, that are capable of providing you the clearest video quality you can get. CCTV cameras has been used before IP cameras been around. They are the most popular for large and small business because they can record 24/7 on a DVR recorder.

This is a huge benefit because you don’t want your phone blowing up with motion detection alerts every time your employees or customers are walking around. Another huge benefits is high video resolution. The cameras we provide and install are full HD 1080p and 4K Ultra.

Have you seen a footage of a crime caught on tape? They are usually very blurry and hard to see because the technology is so outdated, that police have a hard time identifying the criminal.

That is no longer an issue with the security cameras that we provide. We carry multiple types of cameras that can PAN/TILT/ZOOM, Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition in full HD Quality.

Overall, we highly recommend these types of cameras for business since you can simply play back the tapes over the cash register if money is missing, keep workers productive, prevent false claims and prevent criminal activity.


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