1080P 360 Degree Panoramic Wifi Light Bulb IP Hidden Security Camera

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This is the perfect hidden security camera for your home or business and very very affordable for the features it has. Just check out some samples of what you can use it for!

Monitor Your Property

Have you ever worried about someone breaking into your house or just feeling anxious about leaving your home unattended? Using this hidden security camera light bulb takes those fears away by letting you, monitor your home with a secure the app that will automatically alert you when any motion is detected in your home. The video feed can also be stored for future reference and can be streamed live from anywhere you’re at!

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are expensive and usually lag a lot. Now you can watch your child and even record the surveillance videos to make sure your child is sleeping peacefully and can even make sure the babysitter is giving your child the care they deserve. You can interact with your child with the built-in 2 way audio too!

Pet Monitoring

Left your animals home alone? Check in and see what your pet is doing at home while you’re away! The Hidden security camera light bulb is equipped wide angle, 1080p HD camera that views multiple angles inside your home with ease. Now you can even keep your pet company and reprimand destructive behavior with its 2-way built-in microphone.


Full Product Break Down

High Resolution

960P HD images with a built-in IR-CUT module to guarantee no image distortion, improved color purity, and crisp images

Infrared Night Vision

The VR13D camera has greater visibility at night or in dim lighting using infrared waves that correct chromatic aberration

Powerful 360° Fisheye Lens

The device gives you a 360° view and the phone app supports 5 different viewing modes you can toggle between

2-Way Communication

Built-in microphone, audio processor, and speaker let you communicate with anyone on the other side of the bulb

Intelligent Motion Detector

You can remotely turn on the motion detection alarm to alert you when there’s a break-in while recording the incident

3-Second Connection Setup

After connecting to the WiFi, the phone will quickly connect to the device before it’s operational


Recording Storage

The device supports a memory card and can store surveillance audio and/or videos so you can watch the playback at any time

Refund Policy

If the product you receive is not as described, you can ask for a full refund within 10 days of the order being delivered.

Phone Controlled Lighting

The bulb has 3 LED lights with 50,000 hours of life. You can turn it on and off from your mobile phone




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