Is home security worth it? 

Home security is an investment that secures your home from potential home invasions and other emergencies such as medical and fire emergencies. It’s important to determine if the value you will have with home security will meet all your needs and if you’ll actually use it. We do live in an imperfect world where the potential threat of property theft & home invasion is on the rise everywhere. This is due to the decline in the economy and rising drug use, so people become desperate and will do what they have to do to get what they need at whatever cost.

There are some things to consider before being committed to a home security system. Here’s a list of things that you will have to take into heavy consideration before just diving in to get one.

Monitoring Services:  With a home security system, monitoring services are crucial, so getting set up with the right provider is key! There are very few monitoring providers who are proven to respond very quickly with dispatching emergency services, so please take this into consideration before going with a cheap provider. You truly get what you pay for. There are cheap DIY services that you can pay $10 -$15 per month if you pay for the equipment upfront which should cost around $300 to $599  depending on the quality and amount for a basic kit. You don’t want a slow response time when you’re away at work or on vacation, so it’s vital to get a monitoring station that is CSAA certified with a response time under 20 seconds at the most. We have seen many reports that are cheap DIY systems that take over 5 mins to send emergency services and by then a fire would be out of control, burglars would clean your home out, or EMT services could be too late to save a loved one.

We only deal with the top monitoring services that are proven and trusted by major banks, government agencies, and residential properties with an average response time of 10-20 seconds of an active alarm. While the price can look simple, there are other factors to consider that are not fully disclosed. Such as the up-front cost if the customer does not meet the standard qualifications of being a homeowner with at least a 600 score. Be aware of this. You don’t want a surprise bill coming in with up-front equipment cost if you’re not ready to pay for it all at once.

There us many dealers in the Home Security industry and they operate similarly to car dealerships. Yes, you can order your installation from the monitoring station, but they will be sure to maximize their earnings since they know you are in their hands with pricing.


Sample photo of our home security systems. 

 Equipment Charges – Nothing Is “Free”

Have you seen the ads? FREE EQUIPMENT blah blah blah…. It’s not! If it was free they why the monitoring rate so high? People seem to get fooled with the word “Free” and we think it’s a dirty word to use in marketing.  The only thing that should be free is the installation as an incentive promotion to get the services through a particular company.  Equipment charges are the main cost of home security. Your vehicle has a built-in alarm system to when you lock it but it was not a free give away feature. It was built in your MSRP when you bought it and that the same as home security and everywhere else. The problem a lot of big names are trading their earrings for very cheap equipment and charge over 300% over true retail cost and that not fair to people who have a need that needs to be fulfilled in order to protect their property. A fair deal is around $38 per month at zero down and installation is covered by the company for 1 security camera and a monitored smart home security system. We put together those deals for people here and if you want to see for yourself click here to see for yourself.


Contract or No Contract?:

This is the most asked question before they get a home security system and people don’t like the answer to both questions. No contracts are great because you own the system free and clear and there is no monthly obligation in payments other than the monitoring fee. However, you will have to pay cash for the equipment up-front and install it yourself or pay a technician to do it for you. This can cost much more than just going contract where the equipment and monitoring is all-in-one small payment plan with zero-down required. This will save you money rather than paying over 300% over retail price for equipment and still have to pay the monitoring fee to have it active. The contract option is the way to go if you want to save money and get a reliable system that is proven to work rather than the cheap manufactured plastic system from China like most DIY companies use. Standard contracts are typically set for 36 months with a fair deal. DO NOT sign for 5-year contract! Big companies and door to door salesmen they send are starting to do this so be aware because its a major rip off! 36 month should be the max so do not fall for a 5-year contract! We made deals with top companies that are locked in at 36 months with a locked in rate of just $24.99 for monitoring services with Brinks Security, Rapid Response and ADT so please do yourself a favor and don’t sign anything that is over $30 for monitoring without equipment.


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