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Get a quote and see how much lower our rates are compared to other companies in Arizona. No equipment mark-ups or inflated monitoring rates.

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Not only we provide the latest home security system equipment, but we also install it at no charge!

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We will let you enjoy a smart home security system obligation free for a few days so you can experience the benefits of owning home security for yourself.

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Your home security system equipment is protected with manufacture, theft & vandalism warranty. If anything happens to your equipment, we will repair or replace your equipment at no extra cost.

Free Installation & Maintenance

We will install your home security system at no cost & will never charge you with any services that need to be done to your equipment as other companies do. 

Low Equipment Pricing

We are the only home security dealer in Arizona that does not mark-up equipment more than what they are really worth like other companies do.  That is why our rates are the lowest in Arizona because we are fair and offer easy-to-own $0 down, interest-free payment plans. included in the monitoring rate.

Low Monitoring Rates That Never Increase

Most companies charge over $40 for cellular monitoring, but not us! We provide Rapid Response 4G cellular monitoring for only $38 which includes an interactive smart home security system! 

Switch & We Will Pay Off Your Contract

If you are tired of overpaying for a security system and keep getting charged for maintenance services, then switch out and we we will pay off your old contract up to $600!

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