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Free Security System Upgrades

Are you looking to upgrade your security system? Is your current provider not willing to give you your deserved upgrades without having you sign up for a long contact and raising the rates in the process? If so, then we will help! We provide free Security System Upgrades in Tucson AZ & Phoenix AZ areas! We will install new upgraded security equipment and reduce your rate at the same time! Even if you’re under still under contact, we will buy out up to $600 of what’s left of your contract! The security systems that we use will have a Verizon 4G LTE cellular communicator card that sends alarm alerts to the monitoring station must faster than a landline will. Since a cellular-based security system does not rely on a landline phone, thieves cannot disable the alarm by cutting your phone lines. The cellular alarm will still go through to the 24-hour monitoring center, who will notify your local authorities of the invasion of your property. Since these systems are operated by a rechargeable battery, shutting down your electrical power will not affect the alarm either.

About Our Interactive Secuirty Systems

What is the point of having a home intrusion alarm if you forget to set it each time you leave the home? With cell phone access to the alarm system, this no longer has to be a concern because through the app, owners can press a button and turn on their house or business alarm no matter where they are. They can even use the app to turn off the lights they left on. Deactivating an alarm can be just as important as activating the alarm. Whether a neighbor is dropping by to feed a dog, children are coming home from school or a house cleaner needs to come in to clean the home, deactivating the alarm is made easy with the app. Using the app in this way means that homeowners never have to give away their home alarm code and they don’t have to worry about setting up one time access codes either!

Live Video Access

The application allows for home & business owners to view live video taken from within their property. Depending on how the cameras are set up, this service lets you monitor who is accessing the property as well as what they are doing when they are inside the property. Live motion alerts and live video stream from a single app. All recorded clips will be stored on a cloud server or on a DVR if you choose to use CCTV cameras. (Popular option for business)

Service Areas

We provide security system upgrades in Tucson AZ areas and in Phoenix AZ areas. We do also provide secuirty system upgrades in Sierra Vista, Benson, Nogales, Wilcox, Safford and Globe. We also service Las Vegas NV, Orlando FL, Dallas TX and El Paso TX, however, these areas may take up to 3 to 5 business days to dispatch our nearest technicians due to high install volume.

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