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Interact with visitors from your smartphone from anywhere at anytime


Top 5 Benefits Of Having Doorbell Camera


See Who is at the Door

It is always a safe practice to keep a safe distance between you and an unknown. A video doorbell lets you view who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are so you have plenty of time to assess whether it is safe to open the door.


Speak to Visitors without Having to Open the Door

Having a 2-way intercom built-in the doorbell camera, also offers some hidden advantages. Being able to talk to visitors means you can answer the door without opening it. Since you can talk to the visitor via a smartphone, you can answer the door from anywhere and never reveal that you are away from home. This provides an added measure of safety.

Track Visitors That Came While You Were Away

If a visitor knocks at the door instead of rings the doorbell, the video camera captures the image for you to view later. Now you can always know who has come by your house. This is perfect for catching package thieves and having a recording of a potential break in

Offers Clear Views Through Night Vision Technologies

If someone comes to the door at night, it may be difficult or impossible to get a clear view of who it is. Video doorbells offer night vision technology so you can view the images in plain view before you open the door.


Strong Deterrent 

34% of burglars enter through the front door. 23% of burglars gain entrance through a first-floor window. 22% of burglars break into a home through a back door. 9% of burglars enter a home through the garage. 4% of burglars get in a home through an unlocked entrance.

By having physical security visible such as a doorbell camera, window decal and yard signs showing that our home is protected will greatly reduce the chances of your home becoming a statistic in the rising home invasions crimes.

Benefits of a Home Security System


Intruder Protection

The number one reason to have a security system is to protect your family and valuables from intruders and theft. Whether you are home or away on vacation, your house and its contents will have round-the-clock safeguarding. Intruders are also less likely to attempt a break-in if they know the property has surveillance and alarms in place.


Remote Monitoring

You don’t have to be home to know your property is safe. Security systems allow for 24-hour remote monitoring, both by you and by trained security personnel who will receive alerts and notify authorities if something happens. Homeowners can also download our app on smartphones and tablets to keep an eye on their property and arm and disarm alarms no matter where they are.


Effective deterrent against intruders.

Statistics tell us that homes or businesses without an alarm system are three times more likely to be broken into. Wouldn’t you rather be on the right side of those stats and protect your property and those in it? Criminals are generally looking for easy targets and so the presence of a security system is very often sufficient to ward off an opportunistic thief.

What’s more, if a burglary takes place whilst someone is at home (and while the alarm was activated of course), the siren would alert them to the threat and give them time to call for help as well as find a safe place to hide. In all likelihood, the noise of the alarm would do its job and scare the intruder away.


Homeowners Insurance

Some homeowners insurance policies offer discounts on coverage if you have a security system. These policies offer plans for fire, floods, theft, and other troubles. If you add an extra layer of protection to your property, the insurance company may reward you with money off your policy.

Rising Crime

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Crime is going up everyday with property theft and vehicle break-ins. Having us install a advance security system can make a huge difference in greatly reducing your chances of becoming another victim in the rising crime.

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