NOVA takes pride in being one of the top security providers in the industry. Our mission is that every one of our customers deserves to be 100% satisfied and feel comfortable with what we provide. We will do anything we can to earn your trust, especially keep our word in all transactions between our customers and our company. Providing you a peace of mind and protecting your property is our passion and duty!


We understand how important it is for you to have a secure environment at your home or business, and you wouldn’t want to leave such a vital task in the hands of just anyone. We only use the best quality equipment and a fast responding monitoring center that is ready to dispatch 911 emergency services to your property within minutes.


We are local! This is a huge deal compared to out-of-state companies who have subcontractors working for them. The benefits are obvious. Fast local services, much lower rates, no out-of-pocket cost, much more attentive and we will never charge a service fee!

  • We hold all proper city and state licenses and insurances requied by law.
  • We use the highest rated products in the industry to date and we personally negotiated with the top equipment manufactures to bring you the best deal in this industry!
  • Unlike other companies that introduces security to their internet and cable services, we only focus on security and home automation. This is a big deal on it’s own since those giant companies only what to get a fast buck with cheap equipment and sloppy services with those lengthy contracts.
  • We guarantee all our work and products. We provide lifetime warranties, false alarm guarantees, free move certificates, and break-in coverage.
  • We offer innovative services, such as whole-home control with your smartphone or web-enabled device.
  • We only use a direct cellular systems to ensure that you have the fastest connection and fastest response. These are not dependent on landlines, which are easily disabled buy simply cutting the wire. We use Verizon Wireless cellular towers to since they have the largest network.


Yes that’s right! A problem that’s customers are having with other companies is massive regret! What has been happening is other companies install the system and simply walk away. They leave people stranded with products and services they had higher expectations for. Most the time, they abandon them in a brutally long contract with low grade equipment and services that disappoints to the core.

Not us! This is a big deal and there is no one that is taking the risks like we are. We are personally guaranteeing your satisfaction 100% buy letting you try our system Risk-Free for 1 year!
If you’re not satisfied we will do our very best to correct any issues and If we can not, we will simple cancel you out without any penalties or fees.

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