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24/7 connection to Rapid Response Monitoring (Connected to local police, Fire & EMT Services)

Interactive Home Security Mobile App (Arm/disarm remotely & get live alerts from anywhere)

4G LTE Celluar Monitoring (No phone line required)

Active Alarm Confirmation (The security panel have a built-in 2-way audio microphone which a live operator that will confirm your personal credentials. This feature is to confirm false or active alarms for much faster response time from emergency services.)

Home Security System Equipment (Comes with door/window sensors, pet immune motion detector, Z-Wave security keypad. (Optional add-ons include glass break detector, panic buttons, key fobs, smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detector . 

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Active Detterent 2-Way Audio Features (See/speak to anyone that comes on your property even if you’re not home, you will be able to give the appearance that you are by having a conversation with the visitor. 


Instant Live Mobile Alerts (Be notified when someone comes unto your property with the cameras advanced motion detection features. From your phone, you will be notified instantly when someone is on your property. 



Cloud Video Recording (Cameras will automatically save your videos to an enteral cloud server that you can access from your phone and even share it to through email, or on social media. 

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Smart Home Door Locks 

With smart locks,  scenes can include access control. Tapping your Home button as you arrive home will unlock your door and disarm your security system. Tapping the Sleep button last thing at night will lock your doors and arm the system, as well as turning the thermostat down.

And if you’re looking for an extra level of convenience, our Scenes can now be voice-activated through your Amazon Echo, with PIN-protected commands for unlocking your doors. Smart Lock 2.jpg Smart Lock 4.jpg

User codes make access easy—eliminating both the problem of spare keys and the need for you to remotely unlock your door. You can customize them so they only work at certain times of day (good for a dog-walker) or expire on a given date. As well as making things convenient, user codes help you stay aware of who’s coming and going, with custom alert options that can tell you exactly who just unlocked your door.


Smart Home Automated Thermostat 

The new thermostat lets you save energy simply, with no guesswork, complexity or inconvenience necessary. In fact, you’ll barely notice… except when it comes to your power bill.

Use Smart Thermostat 1.png
Fully integrated into your Smart Home Security system, it can do more than other smart thermostats. That’s because it has more information about what’s going on inside and outside your home, enabling it to take smarter actions that give you the perfect balance of energy savings and comfort.

It learns from all the triggers in your security system

While standalone thermostats use a single motion detector to ‘learn’ your ideal heating and cooling schedule, ours has access to every sensor in your security system.   Instead of guessing what’s happening based on a single room, it takes real cues from your security panel, the motion sensors throughout your house, your door and window sensors and more.

Garage Door Controoler

The garage door is the most common way for people to enter the home. It can also be a big security risk if you leave it open. Now you can easily connect your garage door to your smart home system and stay in control.

Your garage door can be controlled through a mobile app. This allows you to easily see if you left it open, and open or close it from anywhere. Most garage doors made after 1998 can be retrofitted to enable smart control. Make sure it is safe for unattended control with features like an audible alert before it closes, and an auto-stop feature if something, or someone, is in the way.

Alexa & Google Home 

Arm your security system

Kids in bed for the night? Finally sitting down for a movie? There’s no need to get up again—or even reach for your phone—to arm your security system for the night.

“Okay Google: ask to arm the security system.” Google Home.jpg


Scenes let you control several devices at once with a single command, adjusting your security system, thermostat, locks, lights, shades and more into useful preset configurations. starts you off with four Scenes – Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up—and makes it easy to create new ones in your web dashboard for different occasions.

Activating a Scene with Alexa is as simple as “asking” and saying the Scene name; however, with many different wording options, the exact command is up to you. For example:

“Alexa, tell Away.”

“Alexa, ask to Wake Up.”

“Alexa, ask to run Movie Night.”

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